We are glad to present our new game that was recently released in Russia, For Scotland!

The game is dedicated to the First War of Scottish Independence from England.

The game can be played with 3-5 players, each of whom will lead one of the five clans: Macleod’s, Donald’s, Comyn’s, Mackay’s, Beuken’s. Anyone 12 years and older can lead his own clan. Players will immerse themselves not simply in campaigns and battles, but in the internecine intrigues. Even in the face of a common enemy the barons cannot forget about rivalry: even allying with the enemy, attracted by their gold. However this alone is not enough to defend a clan’s independence: in order to fully win, one must earn enough gold to lead the country after gaining freedom, and on the way to this "noble" goal everything goes.

The project was launched with the help of Boomstarter, the Russian analogue of Kikstarter co-financing portal.