So it's time to sum up our traditional Spiel’18 trip to Essen (Germany).

Thousands of people in love with board games gathered in Essen for buying, sharing, showing and playing. Every year the number of games and their fans become bigger. Just imagine this year about 1200 new games were presented at the exhibition! Not taking into account previously published games and all sorts of accessories for them.

This year we demonstrated our latest game in English Supervillain. This Galaxy is Mine!, our new unique dice towers and a variety of accessories that turn your usual plays into an incredibly convenient gameplay.

In addition, we did not forget to communicate with the players, receive feedback and look closely at the games that we would like to see published in Russian.

And, of course, we played! Naturally, one of our main tasks was to entice visitors to the gameplay of Supervillain and we succeeded. Asteroids flew from one planet to another. And the ominous laughter of a player who managed to seize power in the galaxy was heard around our booth.

Newly appeared supervillains were so embraced by the idea of ​​the enslavement of everyone that the auxiliary tools for that flew off the shelves. So on Friday we were out of expansions.


The trip was marvelous! So we are already looking forward to the next year and new meetings.