The Commander's Way

Reality itself bends from the fire power of energy weapons, immense battle lasers collide with one another, space is crisscrossed by rockets. A sudden flash – the great battleship of the Star Empire breaks apart melting in a vortex of raw plasma. The defending fleet is destroyed, the remaining ships disappear into subspace, marine transport modules are heading to the now defenseless planet. Ground forces are defeated – ion this turn, the battle belongs to the Confederation of Great Houses.

The Great Hoodoo

Following the will of its caster a spewing Fireball hurled towards me. A wave of the hand and a stone wall rose to block it. The Fireball collided with the wall exploding into sparks. The stones became red from the heat but stood strong. The mage however wasn't about to give up, Ice Arrows were already flying towards me. Another heartbeat and they would have reached their mark but a Great Tornado broke and hurled the arrows away. A pity I had to use that spell. I would have needed it to perform The Great Hoodoo… but it was effective none the less.

The Hat

The Hat is a game for a big friendly company where everyone can play. Players take turn in trying to explain, show or draw a word or phrase while the others try to guess what it is. The one who guessed correctly and the player showing receive points. Sometimes you need to explain more than one word while time is short. Also, to receive more points, a player may decide to make it harder for himself, for example, by setting a lower time limit. New words are taken from The Hat. There are tons of choices.

Gobba: ReElection in Big Gobba

All goblins are equal, the goblin by the Cauldron is yet great.

In the far, far away Sublunary World full of bubbling ether and artful intrigues, a country of cheerful and cunning goblins lies. She is stretched between the Mystic Ocean and black lands of the Hell's Jurisdiction, between the blessed Country of Fairies and the Map's Edge — and combines a bit of everything: fairy's lightness of mind, devilish desires, affinity for magic and longing for reckless freedom.

My Understands You

The legendary Sannikov Land is discovered at last! Civilization ambassadors from all over the world move to the small piece of land lost somewhere in the Arctic. The are ready to offer the aboriginal Onkilon tribe various civilization achievements, from clock and football to submarines and atheism, as an exchange for the natural resources of the island.


The game Underwood reminds you of a simple card game based on its game mechanic but the actual point of it is to form words using letters, sort of like “Scrabble”. Underwood has a much more “intellectual-educational tint” compared to normal card games and a much more dynamic gameplay than “Scrabble”: words are easier to form, there are more unexpected events in the game and a lot less stress.

Family Tree

Rightgames LLC and the “Mosaicum” project have released an educational board game, Family tree. Players make up family trees during the game learning russian history and lifestyles of different generations. Family tree inculcates interest to country’s past and own family history in a game form and develops improvisation and counting skills.

The War card game covers the events of World War II from 1939-1945. The cards in game represent different units: infantry and tank companies, artillery batteries, squadrons of fighter jets and bombers, ships. Special cards are used to show terrain and tactical maneuvers.

Throughout the entire war I participated in many large scale operations but the upcoming battle for Berlin was special, it couldn't be compared to anything before it. The front-line had to get through the highly defended echelon zone starting from Oder and ending with the highly fortified Berlin.

From time to time, you just want to get away from the city, travel to your village, and once there in the fresh air with a spade and rake in hand, cultivate your piece of land. You want to plant in your garden seeds of various crops, then sit on the terrace and sip tea, waiting for the watered and fertilized earth to give birth to mountains of beets and carrots, cabbages and strawberries, cucumbers and turnips, tomatoes and zucchini. But alas, you have too many urgent things to do in the city and cultivating a garden is both time-consuming and physically hard, so all of your dreams remain mere dreams...

Kitchen Garden lets you fulfill these dreams of gardening without getting soil under your fingernails. Each player receives a task card at the start of the game that depicts four garden beds and the specific number of four types of plants that the owner of the task card must plant. What's more, the task card indicates whether a garden bed must include two or three cards. Each player starts with a hand of four cards – with the deck containing plant cards of four types (with 1-3 plants per card) and the action cards Weed, Worker and sluggard – and one of each special card: Bazaar, Crow and Holiday. Six cards start face up in the market.