Do you know how to create the Great Elixir Of Power? You must combine the Elixir of Strength with the Elixir of Secret Sight. But to create those you will need rare ingredients: snake eye, blood stone and a massive amount of astral energy. The search for elements and the creation of elixirs can be a fun process. It's the favorite pass-time of students from the College of Magic who specialize in Potion-making.

By using your own recipes and potions brewed by other students you can not only make elixirs for every day use but also summon magical creatures and, if you're lucky, create the Ultimate Talisman of Magic. The more complex the recipe – the higher the score. Only one student, the best of the best, he who has shown exceptional knowledge in making magic potions will be enlisted in the Guild of Alchemists.

The cards used in Potion-Making are both recipes and core elements. Each turn a player must play a card. If he doesn't have the right ingredients for a recipe he must play the card to the center of the table, the so-called Table of elements.

From that moment it the card is established one of the core elements and is available for usage in recipes. Once a set of elements are collected in the table of elements, a player may create some sort of potion by using a recipe from his hand. For each new potion or the discovery of a new recipe a player gains points. The player who received the most points throughout the game is the winner.

Only basic potions and elixirs can be made with the help of the core elements but they can be used as ingredients for more powerful Great elixirs, talismans and creatures. The compound  recipe gives more points. You can use not only your own potions to create more complex recipes, but also potions brewed by other players still they'll also get some points in this case.

There are also special cards in the game called spells. You can transform and destroy potions to create new ones using such cards, ones that you may require for a devilish scheme to overthrow your opponents.

The game has 2 expansions – University Course and Guild of Alchemists that make the game even more fun. The expansions are separate decks of cards that are to be used with the core deck. You may play with one or both expansion decks at the same time.

There is a tournament system developed for Potion-Making. A rating is kept. Tournaments are held at roleplaying games conventions, the tournament of champions is held each year at “Zilantcon” – the biggest Russian convention.

Basic game or expansion Basic game
Genre Family
Sub-genre Card game, Fantasy
Playing time 40 — 90
Suggested age 10 — 99
Number of players 2 — 6
Manufacturer Rightgames
Contents 76 cards, scoring track, scoring counters, game rules
Shipping weight 0.36 kg


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University course is an expansion for Potion-making. Practice boardgame. There are more spells, more elements and artifacts and therefore more opportunities in the expansion, and some new rules.
So the University course of magic and sorcery waits for students who know already how to mix simple elixirs and to make magic powders and who are not afraid of mysterious spells and creatures. Of course students of the University are not green beginners from primary school!

With this expansion you not only make potions and get points but you strain after a great goal: you have to create the Philosopher’s Stone.
So imagine that you are in a medieval alchemical lab. Use various magical ingredients to make potions and talismans and even fantastic creatures. Every player tries to get his own Philosopher’s Stone. How can you do it? There are three different cards of Magnum Opus and each leads to the Stone.