90 cards

38 food tokens

6 shelter tokens

10 parasite tokens

5 dice

Game rules

Evolution. Random Mutations is a new board game of the Evolution popular scientific game family dedicated to life development on the Earth. The original Evolution is well-known among Russian board game fans. Players try to save and increase their populations of animals by giving them traits, useful for survival. Random Mutations has the same aim but the way of reaching it differs. Firstly, players develop the whole species, not the separated creatures. Secondly, as it can be seen in the game name, getting new traits for the species is random. Due to these changes the scientific authenticity has increased: players don’t point the evolution by their own way and only decide which species are doomed to extinct and which are worthy of further development.

Random Mutations is not an expansion set for the original Evolution, it’s a self-sufficient game that has inherited much from its forerunner, for example, cards with animals at the back and with the traits at the front. At the same time the trait sets have changed much. Along with well-known traits like Carnivorous, Swimming, Running there are some completely new ones such as Budding, Bark beetle, Extremophile and others. By the way, there are deleterious traits as well as useful ones.

At the beginning each player starts with 7 cards of his personal deck and 3 more cards become first 3 animals of different species. All cards at the table should be face-down, and players don’t know what traits they’ve got before playing a card as a trait. At the first phase, Development, players give new traits to their creatures and increase amount and populations of their species. Player takes the upper card from his personal deck during his turn without looking at the card face and decides how to play it. Then he flips the card and attaches the acquired trait to the one of his species or puts the card with the back side up starting a new species pile or enlarging the old one.

When players finish playing cards it defines how much food, shelters and parasites is available in the round by rolling a dice. Food is needed for survival: each animal needs one or more food counters in a round depending on the acquired traits. Shelters save from carnivorous animals, and parasites exhaust animals’ life energy and bring them to extinction. The counters of three colors of the needed quantity should be placed to the center of the table. Then during the feeding phase players take turns acquiring one of different counters: food and shelters should be placed at the own creatures, parasites – at someone else’s. By the way, the Carnivorous abilities and some others are used during this phase. Then players decide which animals have died because of parasites or lack of food and pull out new cards for their personal decks.

The game round ends at this point and the new one begins. The game continues till the main card deck is over. The final round starts, players count their scores and discover the winner. 

Basic game or expansion Basic game
Genre Family, Strategy
Sub-genre Prehistoric, Educational, Card game, Animals
Playing time 40 — 60
Suggested age 12 — 99
Number of players 2 — 4
Manufacturer Rightgames
Contents 90 cards, 38 food tokens, 6 shelter tokens, 10 parasite tokens, 5 dice, game rules
Shipping weight 0.36 kg


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