Confetti is a fun fast paced action game. A little bit of logic, a bit more attention and victory will be yours. You will need to think fast because you have only got one minute for the round and you do not have any spare time to waste.

We take half the deck and toss it on the middle of the table with the colored circles facing up. To make things fair everyone sits on an equal distance from the centre of the table. During the round (three rounds will be played during the game) you will need to collect sets of confetti. A set is considered to be a small, medium and big circle of the same color. And you should not forget that it is best to collect fewer cards than have them left over. Sounds simple right? Oh yeah, you have got exactly one minute. 

Now let’s see what are hands are going to be up to. The more dexterous of your hands should be the one that does the capturing. It will need to capture the necessary card from the pile and bring it back home safely. Drawing and taking a card is also done in a special way: you can’t lift them off the table. So to capture a card you will need to press it down with a finger draw it from the pile of other cards and move it (pulling/pushing/kicking) to your second hand. 

The second hand will be your card bank that protects your confetti from any enterprising opponent that would like to steal them. Your left hand will need to hold on to the collected cards because the rules clearly state that if at any given moment your hand doesn’t touch your collected cards, anyone can take them from you.
Let’s flip that hourglass (or minuteglass) and get started.

To make sure your cards still serve you after playing one game it’s best to put them in card protectors.

And to make things extremely ecstatic and to keep the players from getting used to the rules the game has an alternative mode – the dark side of the cards. Let’s make things a bit more complicated: the colorful circles are now the back and you are collecting shapes not colors.

There is even a forever alone mode to this game but we guarantee that it’s much more fun in a company of friends. After all it’s just like New Years!

Basic game or expansion Basic game
Genre Family, Action, Party game, Children's Games, Active
Sub-genre Card game, Dexterity
Playing time 10 — 20
Suggested age 9 — 99
Number of players 1 — 7
Manufacturer Rightgames
Contents 84 cards, sandtimer, game rules
Shipping weight 0.3 kg


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