Thinking is one of the most mysterious things that happen to us every day. Sometimes it happens that we desperately need to figure something out, but there are no ideas in our head. Or vice versa: a huge flow of thoughts captures our mind that we cannot fully think out everything. (The nature of thinking has always been a favorite topic for philosophical debate: whether new ideas come from the outside or generated inside our heads and how it comes. However, today scientists seem to have stopped on theory that brain nerve cells, combined in a neural network, are answering for the thought process. And there are so many unique combinations, which can be arranged neurons in the average brain…)

Big brain bang is a board game for dexterity and accuracy, that offers to look at the thought process from an unexpected side. In the role of the brain here is a gaming table, where players build a neural network from cardboard nerve cells. In this game you can send your idea to travel along the nerve endings, to knock out enemy’s thoughts from the head and even use sinister burner of the brain to disrupt other people's plans.

Before the game starts, players need to free up game space, anything should not be based on the table: at the beginning of the game experimental brain is pristine. Sorted components and the box (yeah, you will need it too) place somewhere nearby. Each player takes two tokens of clever ideas of its color and the tokens of the explosion of the brain. The first player is determined by throwing dice — in the truest sense: for whom the dice roll, he will be the first. It`s a good method because in the game we use blank dice without any dots!

The main game element of Big brain bang — the cardboard tiles of a neural network of three shapes and sizes: small and oblong, medium square and large rectangular. The cubes (red, black and white) are used to put the tiles on the table. In addition, the set includes a special idee fixe tile, the tokens of the explosion of brain and tokens of clever ideas.

In the game everything depends on the accuracy of the throw. You can develop your network and press the opponent, but at the same time you can spend a wasted shot or even accidentally help the opponent. And remember the main rule – hands should not be over the table during the throw.

The winner will be one of the players whose neural network at the end of the game will be the most powerful.

Board game Big brain bang is a witty and innovative version of classic games on accuracy. Maybe it’s not exactly shows what is happening in the human brain (in the end, even scientists do not figured out all of this!), but will surely take a lot of pleasure to players of any age.


Genre Action, Party game, Active
Sub-genre Dexterity, Dice game
Playing time 20 — 45
Suggested age 11 — 99
Number of players 3 — 5
Manufacturer Rightgames
Contents 12 huge neurons, 12 medium size neurons, 15 small neurons, 1 idee fixe, 12 brain tokens, 8 brain tokens, big white cub, medium size black cub, small red cub, game rules (English language)