Hello, dear friends and fans of “Evolution” board game!

“Big brain bang” is a board game for dexterity and accuracy, that offers to look at the thought process from an unexpected side. In the role of the brain here is a gaming table, where players build a neural network from cardboard nerve cells. In this game you can send your idea to travel along the nerve endings, to knock out enemy’s thoughts from the head and even use sinister burner of the brain to disrupt other people's plans.

Evolution is the game based on the theory of Charles Darwin but in this game you take on the role of Creator: create your own animal, make it evolve, hunt, survive… Our game, and this isn't a joke, can be used as a biology lesson for schools, though adults enjoy it as well. This game will appeal to both people who enjoy casual board games (30 min to learn the rules is more than enough) and to hardcore players who plan complex strategies to win.

Evolution never stands still. In the core game you created poisonous carnivores, hid them in burrows, made complex cooperation chains between creatures.

In "Evolution" each player controls his own population of animals by giving them useful traits to survive. The player whose population at the end of the game will be the biggest and most advanced wins the game. The base game contains almost a hundred special cards each of which has a trait for the animals – there are 17 different traits in total. The expansion "Continents" adds 8 new traits and a completely new element – dividing the game zone into two continents and the ocean.

A sub-expansion contains 18 additional cards for Evolution: Origin of Species (compatible with all other expansions) and 6 cards for Evolution: Random Mutations.
Note that to use this set you need to have a game Evolution: Origin of Species or Evolution: Random Mutations.

"Evolution. Random Mutations" is a new board game of the Evolution popular scientific game family dedicated to life development on the Earth. The original Evolution is well-known among Russian board game fans. Players try to save and increase their populations of animals by giving them traits, useful for survival. Random Mutations has the same aim but the way of reaching it differs. Firstly, players develop the whole species, not the separated creatures. Secondly, as it can be seen in the game name, getting new traits for the species is random. Due to these changes the scientific authenticity has increased: players don’t point the evolution by their own way and only decide which species are doomed to extinct and which are worthy of further development.

The Mediterranean World, several centuries before the Common Era. Rome has already been founded somewhere among the Latin Hills, but no one expects what great future lies ahead for it. Or maybe not? Indeed, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea there are hundreds of cities, and each of them might become the center of the great civilization. But which of the ancient nations will achieve the favor of the gods, and change the course of history for their own benefit?
Founders of the Empire is a board game whereby every player acts as a leader of a small ancient nation. By adding new territories, developing trade and crafts, attacking neighbors’ lands and building temples players receive Winning Points. The most developed civilization by the end of the game will be granted the title of “Founder of the Empire.”

The game is set in medieval Scotland during the period of the First War of Scottish Independence from England.

Remember the movie Braveheart with Mel Gibson?
Freedom-loving patriots, corrupt aristocrats and the cruelty of the English king. It's all there in our game and it’s what its participants will experience.

People say that long ago the Misty Mountains used to be a quiet and deserted range. However, since countless deposits of precious metals and gems had been found, the peace and tranquility that once reigned has now disappeared forever. Who do the underground treasures belong to? Skillful Master-Dwarfs who discovered the first deposits? Powerful Giants, who had settled on the mountain tops long before the other races came there? Is it the Orcs, a fearless band of warriors, commanded by the will of the strongest ones? Or do they belong to the Sly Goblins – they are as clean as any others. Alas, a peaceful solution of the conflict is out of the question, and now the kings of the four races are gathering armies to start a merciless fight for resources. Indeed, not only are the control of vast treasures on the line, but also fame, respect, and honor. The player who will capture and develop the most profitable mines will be crowned as the King Under Mountains.

When someone asked a centipede how does she handle up with all those legs, she thought of it for the first time in her life and had forgotten how to walk. Bugs run easier – they have only 6 legs but it’s also possible to get tangled with such a number of limbs. Especially when a huge juicy red apple shines forward, being already watched by intent compound eyes of fast and agile rivals. There is no time already to compare amble and trot: you should faster take your legs and go ahead!

Do you know how to create the Great Elixir Of Power? You must combine the Elixir of Strength with the Elixir of Secret Sight. But to create those you will need rare ingredients: snake eye, blood stone and a massive amount of astral energy. The search for elements and the creation of elixirs can be a fun process. It's the favorite pass-time of students from the College of Magic who specialize in Potion-making.

«University course» is an expansion for “Potion-making. Practice” boardgame. There are more spells, more elements and artifacts and therefore more opportunities in the expansion, and some new rules.
So the University course of magic and sorcery waits for students who know already how to mix simple elixirs and to make magic powders and who are not afraid of mysterious spells and creatures. Of course students of the University are not green beginners from primary school!

With this expansion you not only make potions and get points but you strain after a great goal: you have to create the Philosopher’s Stone.
So imagine that you are in a medieval alchemical lab. Use various magical ingredients to make potions and talismans and even fantastic creatures. Every player tries to get his own Philosopher’s Stone. How can you do it? There are three different cards of Magnum Opus and each leads to the Stone.

At the turn of the XVI century in Japan both the Emperor and the shogun lost the control under the country. It was the very time for pushful and ambitious daimios to subdue islands. It was the very time for strong warriors to demonstrate their boldness and great warlords to show their art. It was the time when cunning secret agents decided a battle of the clans.

In the tactical card game “Shinobi” players will take on the role of secret agents of the most powerful clans of feudal Japan. The aim of the game is supporting your clan with military advantage – the clan which will have the most troops by the end of the game is considered to be the winner.