60-120 min

63 cards

Game rules

University course is an expansion for Potion-making. Practice boardgame. There are more spells, more elements and artifacts and therefore more opportunities in the expansion, and some new rules.

NOTE that you need Potion-making. Practice basic set to play this game.

So the University course of magic and sorcery waits for students who know already how to mix simple elixirs and to make magic powders and who are not afraid of mysterious spells and creatures. Of course students of the University are not green beginners from primary school!

Besides the great number of new cards you’ll see some changes in the rules here. Now you’ll play 2 decks simultaneously (Practice + University course) but you shouldn’t mix them together. Each your turn now consists of 3 phases when you can take cards from any deck and play them. For example you can draw 2 cards and make a potion. Or you can put a card to the table as an element and use this element for a new potion at once (yes, we missed this ability while playing the basic Practice!) Thanks to the new rules it’s possible to make different sophisticated combinations.

There is a new element, Elementary granum, in the expansion. It may be used as any element when creating a formula and then can replace any other element. And you have Elixir of Omnitude in the University deck that can replace any simple (two-component) elixir. But if someone takes your completed formula made with this Elixir or with Elementary granum in order to make his own new formula you won’t get half the points – yes, we should pay for everything.

More news: four Lesser Talismans that give their players certain bonuses. E.g. Lesser Talisman of Usefulness gives you 1 point for any card you play as an element even if the desk already holds that element.

Then you’ll see a special artifact named Scruple of Conscience. It gives you a wonderful opportunity to keep your opponents down: just pass this card to any player who currently has more points than you!  Now he has to add it to his hand and to lose 5 points. But be careful! This card can return to you like a boomerang.

New spells included in University course are very useful and helpful – of course if you put them to their proper use. So Haste Spell allows you to play two cards in a row. Or let’s play Magic Vortex: ALL ingredient cards of ALL completed formulas are placed to the desk of elements. Bingo! - now we have a really great choice of elements!

In conclusion we’d like to say that University course is designed for those players who consider Potion-making. Practice to be plain and simple. If you played the basic set before we recommend you to try the expansion and hope you will like the game. It is good both for quite evenings in a family setting and for funny parties!

Basic game or expansion Expansion to basic game
Genre Family
Sub-genre Card game, Fantasy
Playing time 40 — 70
Suggested age 10 — 99
Number of players 2 — 6
Manufacturer Rightgames
Contents 63 cards, game rules
Shipping weight 0.165 kg


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Full Game

Potion-Making: Practice

Do you know how to create the Great Elixir Of Power? You must combine the Elixir of Strength with the Elixir of Secret Sight. But to create those you will need rare ingredients: snake eye, blood stone and a massive amount of astral energy. The search for elements and the creation of elixirs can be a fun process. It's the favorite pass-time of students from the College of Magic who specialize in Potion-making.