Big Wormhole Dice Tower is just what you need! Only hardcore - only random!

Dice after getting into the "Wormhole" do not have time to recover, because gravity is already drawing it into one of the three "wormholes".

And the choice of the “wormhole” is absolutely random - the Spirit of the Great RANDOM with its furry tentacle will direct the dice where it wants!

What will be the way for the dice through time and space? - This secret "Wormhole" Dice Tower will not let anyone know...

At the exit of the "Wormhole" Dice Tower, the energetically depleted dice cross the "event horizon" and being unable to resist the rupture of space and time - they freeze...

Monumental Wormhole Dice Tower can swallow a whole glass of different sized dice. Three tunnels with ribbed walls throw dice into another dimension - on the fenced site.

Each “wormhole” gap is 30 mm – so it easy can swallow even big dice with 25 mm size.